"The environment is one of safety, warmth and genuine care and interest."
– Mother of 14 Year Old
"Learn 2 Live has given us hope."
– Mother
“Very happy with the openness, time and care paid to us and [our child]”
– Parent
"[My husband] and I would like to thank you and the whole team for your sensitive guidance, support and care for [our child]. We were incredibly impressed and feel the impact was a success."
– Mother

Our Hampshire location provides a perfect combination of natural beauty and peace, designed to cultivate transformation and healing, allowing children to embark on their road to recovery, gaining not only their lives back but enabling their families to do the same.

Our campus features...

Extensively upgraded clinic

A beautiful Grade II former country house has been sympathetically restored and upgraded to provide bespoke modern spaces that enhance the clinical work we do.

Dedicated Admissions Building

Carefully designed to separate the admissions process and not disturb those already enrolled.

Music and Performing Arts Space

A haven for artistic expression, our music and performing arts space fosters creativity and connects diverse talents in a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere

20 acres of garden, woodland and streams

The tranquil setting and constant access to the outdoors play an important part in our therapies. Young people are encouraged to spend time outdoors, discreetly supervised by our Youth Mentors.

Food and dining by a resident chef

We recognise the importance of good nutrition delivered in delicious meals, freshly made from locally-sourced produce. We are able to cater for allergies and all palates. The dining areas include smaller spaces for those feeling overwhelmed and unable to join larger groups.

Shared spaces

There are a variety of areas designed for socialising, or for having some time alone. Board games and books are in abundance, and there is always someone to talk to.